Peer Ministers

What is a Peer Minister?​

Today we have a blessing for our Peer Ministers.  Peer Ministers are students who serve the community during the school year, aiding in leadership, offering counsel to their peers, and helping to spread the mission of Newman Center to students on and off campus.

Each spring we begin the hiring process for next year. Watch for announcements about this paid opportunity, or get in touch with the Newman office to inquire if you may be a right fit for next year’s team. For the 2018-2019 academic year we have hired four Peer Ministers. Take time to get to know these unique individuals!

Gretta Agiramahoro

Masters Degree-2nd yr, Majoring in Public Administration. After graduation, Gretta is not sure what her next step will be.

“I look forward to new relationships and sharing Christ with the students and the community of Christ Church Newman Center.”

  • Favorite Place to Study: Home
  • Favorite Candy: None
  • Favorite Saint Cloud Restaurant: Kohinoor Bar & Grill
  • Where she can be found on any given Saturday: Home most of the time.

Thalia Deutz

Sophomore, Majoring in Art Education with a minor in Speical Education. After graduation, I hope to find a job as an art teacher near my hometown.

“I am excited to meet new people and help them grow in their faith as I grow in mine.”

  • Favorite Place to Study: the library with friends or in my apartment
  • Favorite Candy: Caramel M&M’s
  • Favorite Saint Cloud Restaurant: Red Robin
  • Where she can be found on any given Saturday: studying, hanging out with friends, working, or heading home for the weekend

Daniel Heck

Sophomore, Undecided Major. After graduation, Daniel would like to continue being a musician (be sure to join us at 8 PM Mass to see his skills!).

“I’m looking forward to meeting other students and growing in faith with them.”

  • Favorite Place to Study: Library, 3rd Floor
  • Favorite Candy: 100 Grand
  • Favorite Saint Cloud Restaurant: China Star
  • Where he can be found on any given Saturday: At home reading, writing music, or playing video games. Or at drill for the Army Band.

Davis Ouedraogo

Senior, Majoring in Biomedical Sciences. After graduation, I will apply for internships to get more experience.

“I look forward to tightening my relationship with God, meeting new people and helping others.”

  • Favorite Place to Study: Basement of Atwood
  • Favorite Candy: Kit Kat
  • Favorite Saint Cloud Restaurant: Olive Garden
  • Where he can be found on any given Saturday: If I am not working, I am usually at home chilling